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Q: How do you ship a 10lb cattle skull?

A: With an $8 roll of bubble wrap from Home Depot.

Why is bubble wrap not free? It’s just air in plastic… Dumb. This weekend I finished packing my entire life in to precisely 4 boxes (two small and two medium), a carry on roll-away, a medium and a half luggage (the half is because it’s really not a large and I want you to understand the gravity of my downsize) and a cheapo 30” duffel bag. That is all I kept from my 3 years of living in New York City. It was liberating interesting. I feel light. I like the ability to just pack up and go. Some people enjoy collecting stuff. Just miscellaneous items that seem important until you have to take your own stupid boxes to the stupid UPS store because you’re outside of the stupid ‘pick up zone’. But I ain’t mad at ‘em. Thanks ups! I am no longer some people.. I am free of all extra things I thought I needed and may think I need up until a year from now.

Ok I’m done bitching. I’m really excited to roll out this weekend. After a countdown that seemed longer than (insertwhateverpeoplegetexcitedaboutthesedays) I’m finally finallyyyy going to be living in my new home. I won’t pretend like California is the motherland, but it’s pretty close. I mean why would so many rappers rap about how awesome it is? Man, I can’t wait to come up with my own awesome Cali freestyles.

Last Funky Friday with my fave funky sista HFreer :( . Get down on it!! Contemporary and throwback Funk music on Friday.. why wouldn’t you?

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I wanna be all.. car shopping is peachy!


The rare Citroen GS Birotor.
I wanna be all.. car shopping is peachy!


The rare Citroen GS Birotor.

Moving is super cheap!

…Said no one ever. Last night I found myself breaking the piggy bank (aka my recycled Warby Parker glasses box) and rolling my change. I thought to myself, this is something old people do isn’t it? Am I an old people? Oh god I’m old. Does anyone else save their change? If you do you’ll be surprised at how your pennies add up. Ok actually let me ruin the surprise, it’s literally pennies. Maybe $10 if you’re lucky. It only looks like a lot. Sorry. In addition to counting coins, I’m also selling my furniture on Craigslist. If you ever decide to do this let me give you a couple of tips:

1.a Post early at the price you want and keep reposting in the evening.
1.b People will try to negotiate. You have more wiggle than you think and also time because you posted early!
2.These people don’t care about your time, they’re flaky. Ain’t nobody got time.. yea you can’t do anything about that.. Patience.
3. Buddy system. #duh
4. Baseball bat. Just in case.

Using the money from my change stash and selling my furniture will just cover my actual move. Plane ticket, checked bags, boxes shipped and even my breakfast at the airport (who knows I may splurge on a $7 croissant). #charliesheening (Look it up.)

An Ikea bag full of cameras.


While most of you are watching the final match of the world cup, I am having a mini panic attack cleaning out the crevasses of my Ikea storage furniture. Ikea has served me well over the past 3 years. It’s the logical one stop shop most new New Yorkers use to furnish their tiny shoebox apartments. We all need more space when we get here. But now that I’m unloading all of my miscellaneous items I am thinking maybe I had too much space? Like, why do I have a box of glow sticks and reindeer antlers in my ‘under-the-bed’ drawer? All of these things that I felt were important and necessary to keep (I obviously will need a glow in the dark reindeer costume some day) are getting tossed in to a giant garbage bag. I’m sure you’re thinking ‘why is she talking about her stupid Ikea stuff.. get to the point already’. If you weren’t, thank you for your patience.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Something my dad has been telling me for a bazillion years. I know that’s a little dramatic, but I truly believe the number of times I’ve heard him say it legitimately adds up to a bazillion years. It’s easy to get hung up on the little day to day things. With my move being just 13 days away (yes I’m counting the exact number of days, you would be too. No judging.) every little speed bump, hiccup, turd on the sidewalk has felt like such a BFD (google it). As cheesy as it sounds, going through all of my things today was kind of the reminder I needed.

If you didn’t know about ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’, don’t blame your dad. Just learn from mine. Enjoy your beers and go Germany!


No, I’m not throwing the cameras away. They’re just chillin’ in a big blue Ikea bag until they can get boxed up.

Brunchin’ #nyc #pancakes #nom (at Clinton st. Baking Company)

Brunchin’ #nyc #pancakes #nom (at Clinton st. Baking Company)

Yoncè Fridays. #beyonce #obsessed #bloomies

Yoncè Fridays. #beyonce #obsessed #bloomies

I won’t be offended if you’re only reading this post for the photo at the end.

After all, it’s how most of us choose wine.. or is that just me? Let me begin by saying after multiple failed blog attempts, I’ve decided to try this again on the only blog I’ve started and somewhat kept up. For the 2 people following ‘I Like Pictures’ that aren’t close friends or family let me tell you about myself. I’m a twenty something photographer turned retoucher turned fitness addict living in nyc. I’m just like you and you (two people I don’t know) trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Which sadly isn’t ‘whatever I want to be’. Thanks mom and dad for all of the support, but a little honesty would have been helpful when I was 9 and decided I wanted to be a marine biologist mermaid who only studied sharks.. Specifically great whites.

All in all I think I’m doing alright, I’m not dog walking or babysitting anymore.. So there’s that. My new goal is to ‘get money.’ I feel like that’s really working for all those rapper people and it’s attainable. I think I’ll also add some other realistic goals like inspire, be happy, make people laugh.. Which may be a little challenging in my new home. Some people just get me and they mostly live on the east coast. However, after much deliberation, I’ve decided my potential happiness must lie on the other coast because it ain’t happening here. As much as I’ll miss my friends on this side of the United States of America, I’m moving to Cali y’all. Southern girl turned New Yorker turned Californian. Seeing a trend here? I love change, what can I say? It’s been real NYC. I will miss all of the crazy nights I probably shouldn’t have survived (cab rides included). Mostly, I will miss my ability to order whatever I want, whenever I want, in a somewhat timely manner. #efficiencyforlife

I’m going to end this post with something invaluable Drake taught me a couple years ago and that I’ve passed on to many of my friends (annoyingly and against their will) YOLO. You only YOLO one time. Get it right.  If you don’t know YOLO, how old are you? Get off of my blog and Google dat. If you’re not old you have no excuse, you’re just obviously not getting it right.

Goal number two #inspire

Gettin’ dat sunshine #nyc #nofilter  #summer #YogaTanBrunchlife with @khenley831

Gettin’ dat sunshine #nyc #nofilter #summer #YogaTanBrunchlife with @khenley831